Future Frontiers of Cashflow – Invite to Web Show 3

The Future Frontiers of Cash-flow

In The $38 BILLION Mobile App

‘True Value’ Mobile Economy 


"The Fast-track to Your Own iTunes and Android Biz App

… AND How to Set Up Your Own App-making Business Without Learning A Single Piece of Code Yet Creating Another Great Stream of Cash-flow."


Jennie Armato - New Economy Entrepreneur presents The Future Frontiers of Cashflow - Free Web Shows

Hi, I’m Jennie Armato – Entrepreneur and Mentor to Strategic Business Owners around the world.  I have a very important and timely opportunity to share because I would like to help you too.


This is a personal invitation to join me and my USA colleagues on a  web show that investigates the future frontiers of cash-flow and how to position yourself to maximize the marketplace momentum that’s happening right now, with Apps.


SO WHY Is NOW the perfect window of opportunity?


Just one of the predictions about the future mobile economy 'sealed the deal' for me:  the business of Apps is an explosive $38 Billion industry and it’s expected to surpass $58 Billion by 2014.  There are plenty more stats to support and enhance that and we share them on the Show.


Who Will Be Positioned and Aligned to Receive A Share In the Predicted $20+ BILLION growth over the next two years?


YOU?  I KNOW it WILL be me ad I would love it to be you too who shares it with me.  Organic marketplace moment is the easiest and fastest way to grow your business and cash-flow and the mobile marketplace is exploding in popularity and therefore demand for more direct communications and opportunties to buy from businesses right now.


Many entrepreneurs and business owners will miss the opportunity this time too, like they have many times before.  I’m putting on this Web Show so you don’t get left behind with them. 


Knowledge and Appropriate Action gives you Power and Desired Results.  This Show gives you both, in one 90 minute information-packed presentation.


On this Brand New Web Show, presented for the first time ever in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK, my USA colleague Jerry Foster and I will reveal the 4 Most Powerful Streams of Income that you can implement immediately and start profiting from via this ground breaking opportunity.


Here are the event specific details:


What: “The Future Frontiers of Cashflow – Making Apps
Who: Jennie Armato and Jerry Foster
Date: Check out the next screening dates at http://AutoAppBusiness.com

Time: Check show page for screening times.


On this show you will learn:


·         How to make up to $1500 a pop offering mobile apps to specialists and experts in a niche and to local business owners too

·         How to build your own small business mobile app in less than an hour – and with no code skills required by you (I built my own in less than 30 minutes)

·         Case studies of people who are having success with their own iTunes apps and as App Maker businesses

·         How to make money within a week of the web show with Apps that anyone can use.


PLUS You will learn about an Amazing Twist for Specialty Professionals and General Local Businesses too – (I LOVE THIS ONE!!!)


Jerry will also show you a powerful tool and tactic he uses to quickly build a ‘mock-up’ app that can be shown to a specialty expert in a niche or a local business owner, creating an instant desire to pay you for it.


You’ll be amazed at the many ways you can make money with Apps, for your own business and as a provider for other business owners too.  It would be the single most exciting, easy and powerful opportunity that I’ve seen since the invention of e-commerce on the internet itself!  It’s a big call I know, believe me or not at your own risk!


These facts help support your strategic decision to move forward as a strategic entrepreneur in the app industry:


·         There are 5.2 Billion mobile phone users out there already – and growing daily.

·         Apps are quickly replacing web sites as the preferred source of communication and commerce.

·         iPhones, Androids, iPads and other mobile devices are replacing desk top and even lap top computers.

·         Advances in technology have mobilized us and now we find ourselves living in an instant access, mobile world.

·         Many strategic entrepreneurs – some even by accident, all over the world are making a fortune with iPhone Apps because they positioned themselves at a time when organic marketplace momentum built their income streams effortlessly.


Very soon, Apps will be as common for businesses to have as websites or Facebook pages now are.

If it hasn’t clicked yet, you can create short term cash and sustainable cash-flow with Apps.  By attending this Special Web Show, you’ll see first-hand how it all works.


Don’t wait… Register NOW! 

There is a Limit of 100 Audience seats on our live shows




Oh, and mark your calendar with the date and time of the Show you choose, so you don’t miss your one and only chance to catch it.  It WILL be fun, informative and definitely focused on exciting times.



Finally, we will finish up the Show answering the questions you ask during it so you leave with everything you need to know to get started ASAP!  Yes, we will take your questions live.  Oh, I should mention, start time is 2am for Jerry as he on the west coast of the USA – but he tells me he does his best work in the midnight hours and actually, I heard him on air last week and he was electrified!  So even I’m excited about this one.


Register right now and I’ll see you on the Show!  www.AutoAppBusiness.com


Jennie Armato

Entrepreneur and Mentor to Strategic Entrepreneurs of the New Economy





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