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What is the Meaning and Power of Conscious Entrepreneurs in this New Economy?

Jen explores the foundations of Conscious Entrepreneurship and adjusting and aligning your business to the new world rules and way.

There has been a shift – a major re-alignment of money and meaning in life.  The rebuilding after the recent GFC highlights our desire for something different – and entrepreneurs in this new economy lead the way when it comes to defining the true value of what we do in business, how we do it, who we are serving, how much we are making and why we commit to serve and then do it. 

We seek greater meaning for our contribution and work now, more than any other time, since the industrial revolution.

We want balance.  We want lifestyle, security and peace of mind for ourselves and we want to contribute and serve others well through our business.  And that service includes contributing to a better world too.  The New Economy Entrepreneur Quadrant Blueprint represents the four key areas we seek greater meaning and value in our business life – for us and others.  Each quadrant is connected by a heart-centered entrepreneur (YOU) and each quadrant is equally balanced and aligned with the others. 

The circular nature of the four equally balanced and aligned quadrants allows us to address and focus on each of these areas with equal energy, desire and precision.

ConsciousEntrepreneurBlueprint The Conscious Entrepreneur Collaboration

The four elements that form the foundation of conscious entrepreneurship in this new economy are:

1. Your Purpose

This includes your mission, vision and messianic message, values as well as your personal and professional development.  And equally important, designing a business, and positioning yourself in so you work aligned with achieving your dreams and ultimate success - working with your passions (affairs of the heart), your strengths (affairs of the head) and your definite plan (affairs of the hip-pocket).

It’s critical to your longevity and profitability that you have clarity and consciousness about what you are aligned to, as this drives your business practices [hopefully] towards your ultimate success.  This includes examining and reframing, where necessary, your beliefs, behaviours and expectations to ensure they are serving you and leading you to your desired dreams.

Some key areas include identifying, refining and activating your personal and professional values in to your business and life, your personal brand, your core product range and the unique marketplace value and experience that you want to create.  (Unique Value EXPERIENCE is a new economy upscale on old economy thinking.  This is an upscale on the "unique selling proposition" - and transforming that to a complete value experience  It's not just about what you are selling anymore). 


2. Your People

This includes serving you and your family, assembling a team that serves you and that you serve back, your customers, your vendors and your wider audience.  To become consciously aligned to who your are serving and how you are serving the, you should revisit and refine the demographics and psychographics of your primary and secondary market segments of your entire audience.

You should craft two or three short statements (headlines) that provides a suggestion of how you can serve them and provide for the wants and needs of your primary market segment.  This helps them to connect with you and your value before you even get in to what you can actually do.

For your team and vendors, consider developing a "Code of Honor" that provides a foundation for relationship mangement and development.  This gives everyone a 'paradigm' in which to contribute and also to raise concerns without providing fracture in the momentum you build up in your business. 

Gaining conscious clarity about how to connect and communicate with your people ensures you have the right people around you who are aligned with you, your values, mission, message and overall business purpose.  They will serve you and help you achieve your dreams.


3. Your Profit

This includes identify the right primary and secondary revenue streams for your business.  It also includes designing and outlining your ‘million dollar income plan’ and an exit strategy from your business so you can do so, at any time you choose.

The ‘million dollar income plan’ is not about hoping for it to happen, it’s about designing a plan within a structure to make it happen!  It allows you to identify what to sell, when to sell it and how to sell it.  Jen teaches a new economy entrepreneur version of the old school “Front-end, Back-end” system.  She has added an “Extended-end” and “Never-end” to the system, allowing you to ultimately exit the business if you choose to or need to. 

This innovative structure is THE DIFFERENCE – why some entrepreneurs are able to break-through to high income levels while the majority are left struggling and scraping for what they can.  YOU, as a Conscious Entrepreneur in a Collaboration with other energized, excited and enlightened entrepreneurs can break-through. 


Here is the structure that Jen teaches:

FE BE EE NE Final The Conscious Entrepreneur Collaboration


4. Your Planet

 This includes creating processes and products and perspectives that serve your community, the environment and also the legacy that you want to leave.  We are all connected, we are all one.  All life force is connected and we are more conscious of this now than at any time since the beginnings of moden-day capitalism.  We are conscious capitalists, concerned and committed to also leaving our family and loved ones, along with the planet, in a better place for us having been here as a part of it.

So what is the legacy you would like to leave?  Have you ever thought about the 1 or 2 line statement you would want put on your headstone and what would you like people (your children especially) to say about you in a eulogy?  Have you ever stopped to write it - what a wonderful way to align your life with the purpose of serving and loving - self, money, other people, life force and the planet.


conscious entrepreneur opportunity The Conscious Entrepreneur Collaboration
What Is The Legacy You Want to Leave For The Future? It IS In Your Hands To Decide.


Finally ... Many Entrepreneurs Have Arrived At The Enlightened Truth About Your Business

You CAN Make Money Doing What You Love – With Integrity And Create a Better Life for Others By Doing It Too

Clawing her way back from the financial (and emotional) brink of disaster in 2002, Jen committed her life to adding the teachings of Napoleon Hill's 'Law of Success' in to her coaching and mentoring work.  This starts with teaching the principles of Masterminds - building your business with the help and supported of other entrepreneurs. 

Collaboration is the KEY to accelerate your success, especially in this new economy.  And in doing that, you build a team of other conscious entrepreneurs around you too. 

Collaborate To Accelerate Your Mission

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11 Comments and Trackbacks

  • Posted by Lisa Wood on June 29, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Hello Jennie,
    Wow what a strong powerful message. Success is possible with a mastermind approach. I once read somewhere that it takes a whole tribe to raise a child. The tribe actually has the child for a month, and then that child moves onto the next family! The children dont belong to the parents (no child really does anyway) from the time they are about 10. Then every year the childs birth family share a month with them. Its a great way to make sure the children grow up with lots of great values, and influence. That is what reminds me of a mastermind group…more than one great mind creates an amazing influence and helps each other out!
    Be amazing to be in room full of like minded people.


    Jennie Armato Reply:

    WOW Lisa, that's incredible and interesting, what part of the world does/did that happen?
    I feel our business is like a baby/child and allowing others to support it, nurture it and embrace it with us is the key for entrepreneurs in the new economy.
    That ideal is not something we have been taught to do historically however I believe those that open up to collaboration will thrive going forwards.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your view.
    Jen xo
    .-= Jennie Armato´s last blog ..Decisions Determine Your Destiny =-.


  • Posted by Ilze Jaunberzins on June 30, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    Dear Jennie thank you for seeding the " quantum field " of a positve future . More will join and as the lawsof entanglement  between us strengthen – we can be assured of our contribution to the evolution of humanity – for good !! Cochampioning your vision Ilze


    Jennie Armato Reply:

    Thank you so much Ilze.  I love "The Laws of Entanglement", that is so true.
    I am delighted too that you share this vision.
    Jen xo


  • Posted by Brian Cassingena on August 16, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    Hi Jen,
    I just wanted to leave you some feedback from our collaboration in Adelaide. No exaggeration, I thought your input was the most insightful and helpful on the day. Sure, you didn't sugar coat the truth but it was just what I needed to hear.
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for enabling myself and now others, to experience a collaboration with you and reap the results in our lives and our businesses, as opposed to putting on a bunch of pitchfest seminars. (Not something I'd ever associate with you hehe)

    Since you were here, we've both grown so much and I can see from our communications just how apt the "Conscious Entrepreneur" is – you embody the spirit of that term as fully as anyone ever could, and I mean that. I can personally promise anyone who is thinking about collaborating with you, if they go for it they'll never look back, if they hesitate, they'll miss out and wonder "what if"…

    PS When can we expect the pleasure of your company in Adelaide again? (Do you need a Barossa Valley tour guide?)


  • Posted by Jeremy Carter on August 16, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    Hi Jen,

    Glad to hear you are on the path to sharing more of your abundant business knowledge with some lucky people.

    Having a great mentor is something I always recommend. Having you PLUS a group of other entrepreneurs for ideas and feedback is something NOT to be missed. Your abundance thinking plus real world business success track record is something most other infopreneurs can only dream of.  Proven strategies and results are so much more important than theories.

    To anyone thinking, Gee, can I afford this?, I would say, "Do whatever it takes to find the money to invest in your success.  Surround yourself with the best and brightest mentors you can find. 

    Jennie is one of these special people you should never miss a chance to be around."


    Jennie Armato Reply:

    Hey Jeremy WOW! This is both a generous endorsement and a great insight in to the keys to truly creating success.

    Obviously I hope the right people DO join the collaboration so I that you are absolutely right and I know I really can help make a difference to people’s business and life!

    Cheers and much thanks,


  • Posted by Deano Power on August 18, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    If you are looking at this post and wondering if this opportunity is for you, I’d like to tell you a little bit about my experience in receiving coaching from Jennie.

    After masterminding with Jen for about 10 mins, I felt such clarity and energy because Jennie had subtly lead me into a place of purpose.

    I am a big believer in Mastermind, but this was totally out of the box.

    If you’re ready to stretch and grow, gran this opportunity with 2 hands.
    If you have


    Jennie Armato Reply:

    Hey Deano, thanks heaps for the vote of confidence, I really appreciate it.

    Cheers, Jen


    Chris Reply:

    Hello Jennie,

    I’m clicking the link and it takes me to an error page?
    I would LOVE to mastermind with you if you have the time, and I want to join the collaboration with you,
    how do I get started?
    I have been trying to find my true purpose for some time now listening CDs and such?
    any help you could give me?
    I know I can feel the shift is right on the edge….but I feel lost almost?