The Conscious Entrepreneur Movement – An Organic Evolution


The Evolution of Conscious Entrepreneurs - Ed Rholl

 We live in a money-based culture and for many on the path or journey of enlightenment, there is cause to be a little confused (I know I have been) by how the two aspects can work in harmony.  How DO YOU align doing what you love, doing it in a way that all stake-holders of a business benefit from the impact  and doing it in alignment with boosting your bank too?  Well, the following interview that explains the organic nature of Conscious and Entrepreneurship is the closest to clarifying this question that I have seen.

In this video interview,  Ed Rholl of the Compassion Happens Team  shares amazing distinctions that create clarity and a perspective to better understand how YOU can work in your heart-space and be aligned with profit too in the new economy.  It was filmed for the Money and You program but that aside, the pure value of Ed's content in these interviews was worth every second of the 34 minutes of it.





I would really love to know your thoughts and feelings on being a Socially Conscious Entrepreneur… How do you use now and/or see the concepts revealed to you in these videos applying in your business’s future?

For me, Ed provided clarity through his distinctions and perspective particularly that there is no 'one-right-way' to be a conscious entrepreneur but moreso that you desire to work in synergy and harmony with others to 'get the job done'.  Also, measuring the effectiveness of the impact the business has on all its stakeholders (intending it to be positive for all connected).  That is a shift from the old economy that tended primarily and largely to serve the needs of the internal stakeholders (investors, board, employees, etc without a conscious intention for positive impact externally).  That may have been too costly and damaging to maximizing profits!

Conscious Entrepreneurs look at the impact of the business on the broader stakeholder group too - the impact you have on community (locally, nationally, globablly).  What is the impact on the environment too?  The Conscious Entrepreneur model also includes an intent to build or rebuild a business that is aligned with the principles and values of serving the broader community with a positive impact as well as profit!  

That really resonated with me.

How about you?


Wikipedia explains Conscious (Social) Entrepreneurs as: 

“expanding the traditional business framework to take into account ecological and social performance in addition to financial performance.” This is a new way of doing business that is good for people, profits and the planet. It’s about building wealth, in the sense, whole wealth – something that you’re deeply passionate about, you care about, that you want to do the rest of your life."


People have come to the truth that you can make money doing what you love, doing it with integrity, and creating a life you love to live.  The Triple bottom-line of People, Profits, Planet (known as the 3BL) of Conscious Capitalism underpins how business will be done in this new economy.


So how can YOU evaluate your own alignment with the conscious business model?

Here are a few areas and questions to answer.

1. Serving All Stakeholders – Consultation and Collaboration

HOW decisions are made is critical to alignment. When making important, strategic business decisions, do you choose the cheapest option or highest short term ROI?  OR, do you connect and engage with your customers, suppliers, team and investors to make a decision that serves them all as best you can?

2. Impact – Client AND Community 

A conscious business contributes positively, to help solve a need/problem for a customer and then goes beyond.  A positive impact can serve customers, charitable cause and social entrepreneurship. Do you and your stakeholders support causes that are larger than your products or services?

3. Connection

Is there separation and non-alignment in the way you behave in your business versus in your personal life?

Being 100 percent aligned with your business and how it behaves is the true measure of a conscious entrepreneur, walking the talk always in your life, in business and in public.


The following ascension model shows Conscious Capitalism as the evolution of the conscious entrepreneur and enterprise – aligned with achieving 'in higher purpose'

The foundation of the new economy, as explained by Jennie Armato


In sharing my own 'awareness' (perspective), I say:


"Conscious Capitalism and entrepreneurship in the new economy bridges the old economy divide between money and meaning."


Conscious entrepreneurs have an awareness of the impact and influence active effort, such as via a business,  has on the community and environment locally, nationally and globally.  They are aligned with their social belonging.  A primary aim of the socially aligned entrepreneur and a sociallly aligned enterprise is to positively impact communal and environmental goals.  


Social entrepreneurs have traditionally [often] operated as non-profits.  In this new economy and era of enlightenment, there is every reason and even a necessity for you to be aligned and compatible with making a profit too.


Social enterprises are for 'more-than-profit' – using blended personal and professional values in your business models that combine a revenue-generating business with a social-value-generating structure."

Love for you to share, Jen xo


PS:  Find out if Conscious Entrepreneur Collaboration is the next step for you - A Personal Message from Jen


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  • Posted by Dee Britton on June 07, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    Great post Jen and it really resonates with me. Like Brendon Burchard says we are all millionaire messengers. The more money we have the more we can serve the people who need to hear our message. The more entrepreneurs that are able to share their message to ensure the world is a better place the better. As long as you are aligned with your purpose and believe in your message. 
    I also believe that if you have a message that you are not willing to share then you are doing everyone who needs it a disservice. We are here to make a difference in the world. The best way to do that is package your knowledge and advice to help others succeed.
    Dee :) x


    Jennie Armato Reply:

    Hey Dee, thanks heaps for sharing that.  I agree with that Alignment with your purpose and beliefs, that helps keep you service and value too.

    Also love your point about being a 'disservice' … how true!  We cannot hold back what we know will help other people any longer.

    Thanks a mill for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    Jen xo


  • Posted by Wendy on June 11, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    That's great discussion Jennie.  Completely agree.  To give is such a pleasure but we need to be in a positiion to do so - we have to help ourselves and others to be in that position.  


    Jennie Armato Reply:

    Love where you 'come from' Wendy and the pleasure I SEE you enjoying in your own business.

    Thank you for stopping by and adding your value to the conversation.

    Jen xo


  • Posted by Kurt Johansen on June 23, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    I like to think in all decisions I take Jennie I consider being a 'corporate citizen'.  That is 'pay forward', and share with others what I have learned.  Of course I am also a businessman so I value my knowledge and time and charge accordingly.  But I hope I never lose sight if someone is looking for help, guidance, assistance I can give input.  My purpose in life is to be an educator. And when you educate you need to consider the broader outcomes of your teachings.  Much like yourself, whom gives freely to others so they may benefit, our advices and teachings should take a broader perspective then a one-on-one.


    Jennie Armato Reply:

    Hey Kurt, you make some great points.
    What I take 'share' to mean, is not to give away that for which you should be paid, moreso to provide open support and care and suggestions that can help others like you to move forward too.
    I believe that very much forms part of the Personal Culture of Entrepreneurs in this new economy.
    That purpose of being a teacher/educator for many is what drives me to work on larger scale.
    Thanks heaps for stopping by and supporting me.
    Jen xo
    .-= Jennie Armato´s last blog ..Decisions Determine Your Destiny =-.


  • Posted by Helene on June 23, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    So much shared confirms why I do what I do. The difference that makes the difference with your connection to money and your business is knowing what works and learning what works from those who are doing it every day and have that collective energy. Yes being a part of a community of like minded people is such a critical part of the alignment process.
    Great post Jen. 


    Jennie Armato Reply:

    Oh Helene, I LOVE that term 'collective energy' … that is so true!
    Aligning with others who share similar values, markets and challenges really is a secret that many will simply never receive.  We are charged with the energy to continue to spread the message, is how I see it.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share and care for so many, like you do.
    Jen xo
    .-= Jennie Armato´s last blog ..Decisions Determine Your Destiny =-.


  • Posted by Adam Bean on June 28, 2011 at 5:27 am

    Hey Jen
    I just picked up a fantastic book that really resonates with your message here. The book is Marketing without any money by John C Lyons and Edward de Bono, in the Prelude is the following quote….
    "Business must be run at a profit, else it will die. But if you run a business solely for profit, then also it must die, for it no longer has a reason to live" Henry Ford
    No need to say anymore. Cheers Beanie


    Jennie Armato Reply:

    OH ADAM, I love it!  As if I dont have enough books waiting to be read already, I must order this one too.  Sounds SO right to what is really resonating with me.
    Thanks a million for stopping by and sharing that, it's greatly appreciated.
    And that line from Ford, aint that the truth.
    Cheers, Jen xo
    .-= Jennie Armato´s last blog ..Decisions Determine Your Destiny =-.